Why choose us?

JTW Consulting provides a bespoke, practical, cost effective service to ensure compliance with all employer statutory duties and compliance with all Health and Safety and Environmental legislation, giving you peace of mind and the time to focus on growing your business.
Not only can we provide full health and safety cover and compliance but can help you go one step further and implement ISO 45001 the Occupational Health and Safety management system into your business - a great way to further demonstrate your commitment to health and safety and win more of those contracts!

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Health & SafetyPolicy & Statement

It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and defined more clearly in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 for any business with 5 or more employees to have a written Health and Safety Policy and Statement. Your Health and Safety Polices provide clear direction for carrying out your businesses work tasks safely and clearly communicates a positive health and safety culture. JTW Consulting can implement business specific policies to help ensure legal compliance.

Environmental Risk Assessments

JTW Consulting can carry out environmental risk assessments for your business in order to assess the likelihood of your business causing harm to the environment. This includes describing potential hazards and impacts before taking precautions to reduce the risks, demonstrating your business’ commitment and responsibility to the environment.

Risk Assessments

As part of your Health and Safety Policy it is a legal requirement to have written risk assessments if you have 5 or more employees. Let JTW Consulting put these in place for you to give you peace of mind that everything is covered and bespoke to your business.


Safe Systems of Work

Safe Systems of Work clearly outline how to carry out specific work tasks after the hazards have been highlighted in a risk assessment. A large percentage of accidents occur due to lack of or failure in systems of work. Let us implement them for you to ensure nothing is missed!  

COSHH RiskAssessments

Control of Substances Hazard to Health 2002 requires all duty holders to carry out assessments of substances used in the workplace. We can ensure your business is compliant as part of one of our Health and Safety Services. 

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With the growing need for businesses to take responsibility for their impact on the environment why not put an environmental policy in place? This will demonstrate your businesses commitment to controlling aspects and impacts of your business on the environment.

ISO 9001 / 14001 45001

Why not demonstrate your businesses commitment to providing a quality service to your customer and complying with all Health and Safety and Environmental legislation and by putting management systems in place. This will not only demonstrate commitment, but will also help to win contracts.

Technical CompetentManager Cover

JTW Consulting has a raft of knowledge in the Anaerobic Digestion industry and is qualified to provide Technically Competent Cover (TCM) to ensure you comply with your permit and legislation. Whether it be on a weekly/monthly basis or just holiday cover. 

Health & SafetyAdviser

JTW Consulting can offer various services to ensure that your business is compliant with all Health and Safety Legislation, whether it be workplace audits, retained safety advisor services, or simply some friendly bespoke advice.

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Quality Policy

Demonstrate your businesses commitment to offering a quality service to your customer by implementing a Quality Policy. .